Quiet the sleep of the children who keep
Shadows clutched in the warmth of a dream


A 17-year-old girl who comes to the City burdened with memories and secrets.  One of the main characters of True Remembrance.  She has an extremely distinctive speech pattern ― short and clipped, resembling an old man more than a young girl.  However, her heart is about as sweet and loving and pure as her speech is curt and rough ― it just takes the right person to see that.  Born and raised in a remote area of the country, she has an innocence and natural curiosity that combine to form nothing less than a force of nature.  Has a fierce love of books; when she's not learning how to cook or clean or do laundry or any number of other things that she's never done before, she can usually be found curled up with a good book, or two (or three).  When she first comes into the City, Blackiris is assigned to care for her ― and that is how the story of True Remembrance begins.


A young Class Alpha Mnemonicide who is currently on service in the City.  He was one of the prodigies of his class at the Academy, graduating in a mere two years when most people take anywhere from four to eight.  His powers as a Mnemonicide have almost no equal within City limits, and as such he is highly sought-after by the patients of the City.  Has a cool, unflappable demeanor, and an incredible poker face to match.  Most of his acquaintances seem to believe that he's always plotting something evil ― but the truth of the matter is that he's incredibly fond of spacing out at the most inappropriate times.  Has a natural talent for just about everything, but doesn't really apply himself ― he thinks that most everything is too boring to really be worth it.  However, when La comes under his care, he finds himself slowly changing ...


If you asked this brash young man what he did, he'd tell you with a toothy grin that he runs one of the most famous eateries within or without City limits; however, the truth of the matter is that almost no one visits his little cafe.  What is indisputably true, however, is that he's a genius chef ― and that he'd probably be wildly successful if he chose to open a restaurant outside of the City.  Extremely fond of games of any kind, he can usually be found trying to scare up a game of chess, Othello, cards ― you name it, he's a deft hand at them all.  Many people mistake his easygoing, devil-may-care demeanor for sloth ― but those who make his acquaintance soon come to realize that he's a living dynamo, working on a scary (and dangerous) number of side projects and side jobs at the same time.  Considers himself a consummate ladies' man, but nothing could be farther from the truth.  One of only a handful of people that Blackiris entirely trusts.


A young man from a rich and influential family who comes under the care of Blackiris for treatment of The Dolor.  Brash, arrogant, timid, impatient, and impressionable all at once, he is fixated on Class Alpha Mnemonicides.


A young woman who comes under the care of Blackiris for treatment of The Dolor.  Warm, sweet, and determined, Irina leaves quite an impression on La ...


A young lady Mnemonicide currently on service in the City.


Blackiris' direct superior, and the superintendant for many of the Mnemonicides in the City.  Little else is known about this secretive figure.


The legendary "Alpha of Omegas" ― one of the few Class Omega Mnemonicides in the world.  Every Mnemonicide knows his name ― but few have actually met him.  Most of the textbooks in the Academy's library were written by him, or under his supervision.