Dry your tears in the streets of the city tonight
As the lamps rob the clouds of their star-dusted light
Walk your path with the heartbreak of freedom in sight


This is an ordinary tale of the ordinary days spent in an ordinary town by an ordinary girl who learns that everything in this world is extraordinary ― or that nothing is.  For in this world, there is a young man named Blackiris; a Mnemonicide par excellence.  And there is a young girl named La; sweet and warm and gentle in all the ways that count.  This is their story.


About the Piece

True Remembrance was originally released in 2004; it went on to garner extremely positive reviews, becoming one of the landmark releases in the freeware visual novel community for that year.  In 2006, an enhanced "Director's Cut" remake of True Remembrance was released, featuring a fully animated opening movie, an advanced scripting engine (KrKr2/KAG3), expanded scenario, and enhanced graphics.  The official English localization of True Remembrance is based on this version.

To this day, True Remembrance remains one of the most enduring and most popular freeware visual novels in the Japanese community; many people new to this form of digital entertainment are directed to this piece, just as English-speaking fans are directed to pieces like Narcissu.  And it's a wonderful choice ― high production value, warm artistic direction, and an intricately-woven story combine here to create a piece that must be experienced, no matter how new (or not) one is to visual novels.