The world shall groan with tears untold
Tomorrow's wings shall ne'er unfold

The City

The City is an urban complex located in one of the remotest, most isolated areas of the entire country.  Few know of its existence; even fewer are allowed inside its jealously-guarded gates.  It is here that terminal cases of a devastating, pandemic depression known as The Dolor come to be treated by specialized doctors known as Mnemonicides.  The City has a few interesting attributes: first of all, no cars or clocks are allowed within City limits; second of all, it has an efficient and punctual trolley car system of public transportation; finally, the only known academy for the training of Mnemonicides is located just outside City limits.  This is a town that seems frozen in space and time ― caught in the midst of a perpetual winter, drowning in the memories of patients past and present.  It is here that the last hope of the country resides.  It is here that the story of True Remembrance unfolds.

The City is roughly subdivided into eight "Streets".  Several of the more important Streets are detailed below.

First Street

First Street is the location of the only general hospital in the City, as well as the home of a well-stocked public library and several upscale bookstores.  The nerve center of the entire City ― the administrative complex that most Mnemonicides refer to as HQ ― is also located on First Street.  Even so, it is a sparsely-populated area; the streets are usually devoid of people even at the busiest of times.  While there are a few shopping establishments here and there, the majority of shoppers prefer the cosmopolitan shopping district on Sixth Street.  While this area is well-kept and the residences are easily-accessible, the majority of residents prefer the urban sprawl of Fifth Street or the quiet elegance of Eighth Street.  Therefore, people generally only come to this part of town on some kind of official business ― or not at all.

Third Street

More popularly known as "Mansion Row", Third Street is a long elegant promenade filled with mansions of every shape and size.  The entire area glitters and gleams with decadence ― fitting for the clientele that it serves.  Patients of the upper classes tend to be quartered in these gargantuan estates, as well as the Mnemonicides who are taking care of them.  In fact, each house is nominally only inhabited by two people: a patient, and the Mnemonicide who is treating him.  Helpstaff ― including butlers, waiters, cooks, and so on and so forth ― commute here to serve their functions, but are otherwise not rich enough to afford housing in this area.  Therefore, the streets ― while not as deserted as First Street ― are never crowded.  It is something of a tourist attraction, and people come from all different areas of the City to gawk and gape at the architecture.

Fifth Street

One of the largest residential areas in the entire City.  In stark contrast with the scattered townhouses of First Street and the monstrous estates of Third Street, Fifth Street is a complex urban sprawl, filled with twisting alleyways and dominated by high-rise apartment complexes.  Most Mnemonicides are assigned quarters here on Fifth Street, including several of the main characters of True Remembrance.  Despite the population density, it is said that Fifth Street is almost always whisper-quiet ― this has to do with the fact that most of the Mnemonicides are always on assignment.  It is a common occurrence for such assignments to last weeks, if not months; therefore, at any given point in time most ― if not all ― of the apartments are devoid of inhabitants.  At the center of Fifth Street stands an old, abandoned church ...

Sixth Street

The social center of the City, and the home of the largest shopping district in the entire province.  There are shops of every size and shape no matter where you cast your eyes ― everything ranging from large chain department stores to small artisan bakeries to bridal salons to toy stores; you name it, you can find it here.  Several highly-acclaimed eateries are located here, including a quaint coffeeshop called Cafe AROMA.  This is an extremely frequent destination for Mnemonicides and their Guests ― as Sixth is probably one of the few areas of the City that are always bustling with life, no matter what the time.  The main characters of True Remembrance spend a good deal of their time here, as a case in point.

Eighth Street

Eighth Street is the farthest reach of the City, and the home of the only way out.  Mnemonicides take their cured patients to the so-called Gate of Farewell here, at which point the patients leave the City forever ― hopefully never to return.  The Gate is jealously guarded; there is a 24 hour watch in effect.  Student Mnemonicides often participate in these guard duties, so they can often be seen patrolling the vicinity.  Eighth Street is nominally a residential area; there are several small estates to be found here.  Mnemonicides and patients who favor a peaceful, quiet environment often request housing here.