From slumber's grasp to wakeful child
As snowmelt slick your mem'ry flies
For lonesome heart seeks lyric mild
The silent strain of sad good-byes


Welcome to the home of the official English localization of Shiba Satomi's 2004 visual novel, True Remembrance.  It has truly been an honor and a privilege to collaborate so closely with the original creator of this piece; we hope that you will derive as much enjoyment from reading it as we had from translating it.  Should you find any mistakes or rough spots in your experience ― then the fault is ours, and we'll gladly take the blame.  But should you laugh with joy or shed a tear or stare with wonder or sing with glee ― then all credit rests with Shiba Satomi, as it should.

So stay a while ― immerse yourself in True Remembrance's world; trace the beginnings of its story.  Walk side-by-side with the characters, or stop by the credits page for more information on the people who brought you this work.  If you decide you want to experience True Remembrance for yourself, go ahead and get it; and who knows what places the links might take you from that point on?


Title   True Remembrance
Genre   Visual novel (magical realism; no branches)
Release Date   14 February 2008
Size   67.3MB
Playtime   Approximately 2-3 hours
Scripting engine   KrKr2/KAG3
System Requirements   Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Japanese Environment   Not required
Age Restrictions   None
Created by   Shiba Satomi
English Localization by   Seung Park and Edward Keyes